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Welcome to the Field of Hope

The Field of Hope is a non-profit organization which supports socially disadvantaged families through programs and faith-based growth. We have a heart for people and a desire to see our community and world change for the better. We offer a variety of services including counseling, drug prevention, community outreach, and more.

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About us

The Field of Hope: a significant pillar in our community.

Our goal at the Field of Hope is to breathe new life into our community and to assist families in our area that have been ravaged by poverty, drug and substance abuse, and so much more. Our humble beginnings are leading to great things by the grace of God. Originally we assisted with drug prevention and recovery programs, participated in community outreach. Now we have an operational counseling center and plans for significant future expansion.


We have been given a vision by God: to restore the property where the Field of Hope Community Campus sits so that it can be a safe haven for many people. This vision is a parallel of how God restores and rejuvenates people. The healing and restorative power of Jesus Christ rehabilitates those who are broken, devastated, abandoned, and forgotten. Giving them new life, power, significance, importance, and acceptance. There does not exist a building more appropriate than the old North Gallia High School to demonstrate this. Click here to read more about the parallel between this building and our lives. Or click here to see the progress that is being made on the building.

The unfortunate situation we face

Gallia County and the surrounding areas have fallen victim to a major drug culture.

The prevalence and spread of drug abuse is a major concern for our nation, our community, our future, and our children. We are aware of the rising number of people that partake in substance abuse and we recognize that it stems from a hurt or need that has not been met. We exist to help care for these people and help them to meet their needs without abusing substances. We do not want the following statistics to be true any more.

  • $700 billionAnnual cost of drug abuse
  • 24.6 millionPeople used drugs last month

We have been placed in a position where we can help. Our team members and community supporters have a heart for helping those that are riddled with unsurmountable difficulties and face adversity daily. We aim to help families reverse the destructive lifestyles that have resulted from drug dependence and other hurts, habits, and hangups. Check out our counseling services that intend to do just that.

Future plans

The Field of Hope Community Campus will allow us to offer many more services

The completion of our community center will provide a more significant base of operations. This will allow for us to host activities and provide services that require large spaces.


One such service we will be able to house is a youth center with sports activities. The gymnasium in the old NGHS will allow for us to provide a safe community center where our children can play and socialize. This will help disadvantaged children to find hope and gain aspiration for their lives. To learn about other future improvements click here

Services We Provide

The Field of Hope Counseling Center is a fully functional counseling center operating from within Vinton Baptist Church. We provide the following services


Client and Clinician work together to define any issues or problems, so we can give them the proper care they deserve.

Case Management

We explore the needs of the client and create an action plan to meet those needs. We also work with the client to establish goals and remain in close communication to help them achieve those goals.

Crisis Intervention

Trained clinicians help clients through difficult times, ensuring they receive proper care and treatment.

Group Counseling

We offer group counseling services that allow clients to interact with one another. Theses services can facilitate change and help clients acquire new coping mechanisms and skills to aid in sobriety.

Individual Counseling

We offer individual one-on-one counseling services to assist in working through a client's rehabilitating issues. These are fully confidential meetings intended on restoring the client's life in a respectful manner.

Community Outreach

We participate in and are partnered with a number of community outreach programs. If you or a loved one is in need of assistance we can provide you with help or point you in the right direction.

Drug Prevention & Recovery

We are partnered with the Gallia Strong Tower program at Vinton Baptist to assist with the prevention of drug abuse and aid in the recovery of those who are addicted.

Food Pantry Assistance

We are heavily involved in the Food Pantry at Vinton Baptist. We understand the prevalence of poverty in our area and the need to combat such issues in whatever way possible.

Our Team

We have assembled a group of passionate, dedicated, and experienced people to serve on our board and provide guidance for the Field of Hope as it grows

  • Joe Sizemore Safety and Security Director

    Joe Sizemore is our resident security advisor. He has numerous years of experience with security and safety. Joe is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice to further his knowledge and understanding of safe practices and secure procedures.

  • Loralee Charmichael Board of Directors

    Loralee Carmichael possesses a degree in office technology and a number of financial and insurance training certifications. She is the current owner of multiple businesses and has has experience owning and operating previous businesses as well. She has greatly invested in our community with her membership and involvement in the Gallipolis Rotary Club, Vinton Baptist Church and the Gallia County Chamber of Commerce.

  • Kevin Dennis Board of Directors

    Kevin Dennis is the Executive Director of the Field of Hope where he oversees the construction at the campus as well as the management of the currently operating counseling center. Prior to his involvement with the Field of Hope, Kevin was an Environmental/Industrial Hygiene Plant Support Manager at AEP where he managed a budget of over $5 million. Kevin, and his wife Sandy, are certified counselors under the American Association of Christian Counselors and assist with the Gallia Strong Tower ministry.

  • Judy Jones Board of Directors

    Judy Jones has been a life-long member of Gallia county and has an interest in its success and the success and health of its people. Judy has training in being a nurse's aid home health care provider. In addition to serving on the Field of Hope board, Judy was a founding member of the Gallia Guarding Angels Childcare board. She has also served as the Secretary of the Gallia County Republican Party for 14years.

  • John Jones Board of Directors

    John Jones is our director of Buildings and Grounds and has been involved with our cause since its founding. John served in the Navy and obtained a degree in business administration. He is currently the treasurer of Vinton Baptist Church and is serving as our treasurer, as well. John's wife, Judy, is also a board member and he, like her, has been a lifelong resident of Gallia county.

  • Heath Jenkins Board of Directors

    Heath Jenkins is a Gallia County native and the lead pastor at Vinton Baptist Church. Heath possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Ministry from Ohio Christian University and a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary. He is a seventh generation Gallia Countian who loves his home and is passionate about seeing it restored from its drug infestation and poverty stricken condition.

We're Expanding

Join a team of passionate and dedicated individuals.

We are currently in an exciting season of growth. We are building a team of highly passionate individuals that are eager to fight and combat the addiction that has taken hold of so many families. We currently have open positions and we are always looking for people that have similar passions to us. If you are interested in joining our team, click the button to the left and you can browse open positions or send us a request to join our team when we have the need for and resources to compensate your talents.

Leave a legacy, help generations!

We are an organization that is powered by the support of our community. We owe much of our success to those who have given to us. Giving can be financial, but can also take many other forms including giving of time, talents, and knowledge. Giving leaves a legacy and impacts future generations, learn how you can make an impact today.

  • Legacy Giving
  • Long-term Giving
  • Volunteerism
  • Short-Term Giving

God Can Book Cover

“God Can” is a story of hope.  It is the story of one young lady’s victory over drug addiction.  It is the story of a property that was given up and abandoned that was brought back to life, just like Amber who was caught up in what seemed like hopeless addiction.  There are guideposts to help those who are struggling with addiction or have a loved one struggling.  It is the book I and my wife wish we had when going through this trial with our daughter.  Take hope – there is victory!
Author Kevin Dennis

Why There? Why This?

These are questions we are asked all of the time. Often, we encounter cynical or uninformed people who are critical of our cause and our community. They have lost hope for our community and for the people which have been so negatively impacted. Most people don't associate Gallia county with the location for a rehabilitation center and most people don't consider remodeling a completely devastated building a smart decision. However, we find this creates the perfect parallel for what Jesus has done in our lives. Jesus didn't make us come to meet him, he was right there. We want to establish a center in an area of need where people don't have to make grand arrangements to get the help they need. More importantly, Jesus didn't tell us we were too broken: He restored the life that was already there. We feel our choices are a living, active, and physical illustration of what Jesus has done for us.

Health for our Community

We often think of only physical health when we consider the concept, but we recognize there are several other categories of health including emotional/mental health and spiritual health.


Physical Degradation

The use and abuse of drugs and other substances can negatively impact one's body and bodily functions. We help our clients recognize the physical benefits they will reap from overcoming addiction. We also help them develop a healthy sober lifestyle.


Mental Acuity and Emotions

Often overlooked, drugs can affect one's mental acuity and alter emotional states. We work with clients to help rehabilitate their mental strength. We also help clients handle and cope with overwhelming emotions. We help our clients establish strong emotional boundaries for the future.


Let go and Let God

We strongly support the spiritual health of our clients. As a Christian-based center we help our clients find and discover God. It is our belief that God changes and restores people in ways that are impossible for humans.

The Field of Hope Flash

We release updates from time to time on the progress that is being made at the Field of Hope, called the Field of Hope Flash. Here you can read the latest Flash, or revisit a previous Flash.

Client Testimonials

Check out this amazing testimonies from people whose lives have been positively impacted by the Field of Hope and our partners.

Our Partners

Below are some of the organization and entities which we work closely with. We want to thank them for their continued support and we encourage you to get in touch with them to see what they can do for you.

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