2018 Building Updates

The Vision becomes Reality


The Field of Hope (FOH) campus will see four exciting building projects started in 2018.  Their completion will depend on funding, weather, and how quickly we can coordinate architect services, bid advertisements, contractor schedules, etc.  Please pray with us for a speedy and efficient building program.


  1. The Faith House will be the second residential Recovery House for 16 women.  It will be located beside the current Hope House. Funding has been approved through Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services with the local approval of the Gallia-Jackson-Meigs Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services.  The $500,000 capital funding requires a 25% match by the FOH. Bid advertisements will go out this month with the bid opening later in May. Construction will begin after that pending the winning contractor schedule.
  2. The heart of the FOH Prevention Center is the 8000-square foot gymnasium.  Renovating the gym will provide a setting for youth sports, physical fitness training, games, and building up life skills.  State Senator Bob Peterson’s office worked with the FOH to obtain $250,000 of capital funding to help renovate the gymnasium.  A space that large will be very expensive to build out, and the challenging project will be attacked with the capital funding, volunteer labor, and community support. So far community members have stepped up to commit to cleaning the steelwork and walls and replacing the floor with a maple hardwood playing floor.  
  3. The AEP Foundation has helped fund infrastructure costs to prepare the future Food Pantry area in the main building to house an expanded food pantry.  Food, clothing, small appliances, and other items are given to community members who qualify via the current Food Pantry located at Vinton Baptist Church.  A proposed project with funding to complete building out the Food Pantry rooms for full operation has been submitted to the AEP Foundation, and their decision will be received in late May.  
  4. The FOH is partnering with Solid Rock Studios to build a filming studio in the FOH main building.  It would be leased out to other film makers as well as provide a source of training for clients at the FOH.  Training would include various aspects of film making and give the clients a background that may help them kick off a career.  Funding is not nailed down yet, but potential donors have been contacted by Shane Leonard of Solid Rock Studios.


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