FOH Flash April 2018


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“In my anguish, I cried to the LORD, and He answered by setting me free.” Psalm 118:5


April 5, 2018


Does anyone else wish that actual spring would catch up with the calendar date?  Can I get a witness? There is one Person we can depend on. The weather not so much!  As I read over January’s FOH Flash, I realized the amazing answer to prayers our Creator God has given us.  


The dedicated FOH employee team has grown by three – 21 staff with 12 full time.  Each one recognizes and embraces the high calling of saving and rebuilding lives in this war with substance abuse.  The FOH has 20 ladies in residential facilities – 16 at the Hope House on campus and 4 who have completed the residential program and are living at the Pneuma Place.  Pneuma is an ancient Greek word meaning “Breath of the Spirit.” God raised up a friend of the FOH who is working with us to provide a safe and very nice transitional home.  The ladies are rebuilding their lives there. We continue to help men and women struggling with alcohol and drug addiction through the FOH outpatient counseling as well. Call our friendly office staff at 740-245-3051 for information or an appointment for residential or outpatient counseling.  


As God provides the FOH may see four construction projects underway this year: the second residential Faith House for 16 women, 8000 square foot gym renovation that will be the heart of the prevention center, regional food pantry space, and a filming studio in partnership with Solid Rock Studios.  For more exciting details, come to “The Vision becomes Reality” annual celebration on April 28 – flyer attached. This will be a landmark celebration! A group of ladies on the path to healing will be performing music and drama! Our new, hard hitting FOH promotional video in conjunction with Solid Rock Studios will be premiering!  You will hear from community and state leaders, including US Representative Bill Johnson! Chris Cakes will provide unlimited pancakes and fun! And last but not least – don’t miss the encore performance of our counseling staff doing a throwback song you will all recognize and get caught up in! Can’t wait!!


It is time to turn the tide.  FOH reaches about 40 people a week through residential and outpatient services.  Through the Vinton Baptist Church weekly Gallia Strong Tower meetings another 40 folks are reached with a faith based 12 step challenge.  We see life change. We see prayer. People stub their toes, but recovery is progress – not perfection. We work with law enforcement, the courts, supporting churches and organizations, and other service providers on prevention, education, and rehabilitation – a 5-dollar word for life change.  God can do what we cannot, and we see His work every day. Addiction and abuse take their devastating toll for years. Recovery takes a while. Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway. (Proverbs 8:34)


Watch, wait, listen, obey – Be blessed!!


adamj, Author

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