FOH Flash February 2016

The vision is becoming reality!  As Board Member Loralee Carmichael often says, just drive around the building and look at the progress.


Wow – a lot is happening!  God is good and is getting it done!  Pray for our architect, Jim Thomas of BDTAID in Athens.  He is putting the finishing touches on the prints for the Recovery House to be built this year.  It will be very welcoming and a great home to the 10-14 women (with some pre-school children) who will find help there. The prints have to be completed so they can be reviewed and submitted for bids by contractors.  Pray for wisdom in that whole operation as well.  Folks want to know when work will begin, and it depends on the process – late spring is likely a good guess.


Now when that many people begin flushing, you better have something to do with that stuff.  Our team is working diligently with the state Appalachian Regional Commission on a matching grant to revitalize the sewage treatment plant.  It appears we will have the funding and that the project should start this summer – a couple of hurdles to cross though.  Please be in prayer about that.  Also our AEP friends at Gavin Plant and their contractors have helped us in the past with a vacuum truck.  We would be blessed if they can help again to remove the old water and sand from the plant tanks and filters in preparation of the work. That would count toward our grant match as well.


Check out our Facebook page at the Field of Hope Community Campus.  Nate Simpkins bagged a dear and a new lifestyle at Integrity Archery – bless God!


The Counseling Center continues to grow in case load and influence on our community.  Case Manager Amber Richards is very active at the Gallia County work release facility.  Thanks Joe Sizemore for opening that door and to Sherriff Browning and his folks for keeping it open!  Gallia Strong Tower is now running the church bus up there each Monday for Recovery, and we have seen some real victories!  Two graduates from the work release came Monday night even though they didn’t “have to.”  We are blessed beyond measure that they came because they had a changed heart and wanted to!  If you or someone you know has been sidetracked with drug or alcohol addiction, let our trained counselors help you get victory. Call 740-388-8454 and go to the FOH extension – line 3.


The AEP Foundation grant for the Food Pantry is not the smooth road we first thought it would be. I have been on the “lawyer floor” at the AEP building in Columbus, and that is where our grant opportunity resides now.  We are working with our FOH legal counsel to try and get AEP all the documentation they need.


God Can.  That is the name of the book Kevin is writing about the miracle God continues to display in rebuilding the FOH property and rebuilding lives ravaged by addiction.  It is also a book of hope and guidance for those walking the treacherous walk of drug addiction and for loved ones who are longing for their deliverance.  Stay Tuned.  Call Kevin or any Board member with questions.  His number is 740-794-1027                                  God bless!!

adamj, Author