FoH Flash January 2, 2018


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“In my anguish, I cried to the LORD, and He answered by setting me free.” Psalm 118:5


January 2, 2018


As I sit here on the coldest morning of the season, it is early, below zero, and the coffee is hot – just like our passion to see folks get victory over substance abuse.  The incredible FOH crew of 18 staff, 10 full time, have shined above and beyond the call of duty. The Hope House is at current capacity of 14 women, the outpatient clientele list is growing, the renovated offices and treatment plant are clicking, despite the brutal temperatures, and God is working in the hearts and lives of our residents and workers alike!  The FOH is a special place to be – call me at 740-794-1027 if you would like to schedule a visit.


What is the secret to success?  There are many, but I point to one that has been prominent in the history of our free nation any time something significant and out of the ordinary has happened.  Prayer to our Creator God. FOH staff, the Vinton Baptist prayer team, and other supporting churches and groups in our community lift up this outreach. A friend loaned me a book about Andrew Jackson and the battle of New Orleans that turned the tide of the War of 1812.  A convent of nuns in the city led the city in constant prayer during the battle. America prevailed against overwhelming odds. It didn’t matter. Pray that the tide of substance abuse will be turned. The odds of it happening are overwhelming. It doesn’t matter to our Higher Power.  He is waiting on us to do our part.


Christmas and New Year’s were special to the Hope House gals.  The community supported them and their children in a wonderful way.  Thank you to all who had a part in that. The ladies attended every VBC event around the holidays, and the church family has embraced them.  What a blessing! The ladies had their own and very powerful NY Eve service – we were all blessed by their obedience to come together in a special way.   


Pray as we seek to reach out even more this year.  Many of the gals need a safe “step down” place to stay as they work back into everyday life.  Pray for wisdom as we seek that place. The FOH would like to take the next step in breaking the substance abuse cycle with a large-scale Prevention Center.  The gym and associated areas need renovated for that to happen. Our community and our precious youth desperately need it – pray with us.


As former VBC pastor Marvin Sallee reminded us, God is a gentleman.  He offers graciously but will not force anyone to come to him. A teen has been taken in by one of our staff as her parents are both incarcerated on drug related charges.  She recently told me this had been the best year of her life. We recently lost a man who had come to us out of prison from a broken past and broken family. God restored that, but the demon of addiction was too powerful.  We prayed with him a few days before passing – I pray he had peace with the Savior. That’s all that matters in this short life that James calls a passing vapor! May God richly bless you in 2018 and beyond!!


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