FOH Flash March 2016

Hats off to master mason Frank Tirpak and our FOH building designers – you did a great job!  The building continues to change, and it ain’t over yet.  Stay tuned and drive around if you get a chance.


We had a really cool visit this past week from the Appalachian Foundation of Ohio.  The FOH is poised to become a part of that group, who is working hard to raise up our area of southeastern Ohio.  As we were returning from a walkaround of the FOH property, the Foundation representative said, “I can’t explain it, but it seems like there is something magic in the air over here.”  I had to laugh and told her that she was catching the vision.  It happens a lot when folks encounter the sweet presence of the Spirit of God at the FOH.  He is alive, well, and working all things out for good!


What an amazing experience this past two weeks!  The Gallia Strong Tower recovery outreach meets each Monday at 7 PM at Vinton Baptist.  A number of folks from the County work release residence at Cheshire have been attending thanks to the hard work of Joe Sizemore, Sheriff Browning, and a number of folks at GST.  We are seeing a number of them come to Christ and experiencing real life change!  GST director Ed Burris took time off from his contracting job and led a group of volunteers from the work release, other GST folks, and some VBC folks in work projects at the FOH.  They did an amazing amount of work in a week and a half!  The work release fellows are talented workers and real go-getters – a blessing of God.


The old gym floor is gone, and the gym looks huge!  We are working on estimates to see if the gym can be completed soon.  The team saved the center court circle, and it will be auctioned off at the May 21 Celebration.  A lot of trash was disposed, and hoppers of scrap metal were taken to L&L that will put some cash into the FOH account.  With the building cleaned out, you can really get a vision of what can be done with the various areas and rooms.  Oh, and the food.  VBC volunteers fed the work team very well each day.  I was blessed to be there for a couple of the noon meals.  All I can say is, WOW!  The work release guys hated to see it end – hey, I did too.  All the meals were amazing, but I have to say that 86 year old Barb Null can bake a pie that will give you a glimpse of what heaven will be like!


Put May 21 on your calendars.  This will be a celebration and fund raiser like no other for the FOH.  It will include a pancake breakfast, entertainment, basket auction, silent auction, testimonies, and laying out the vision.  There will be tours afterwards – wear your walking shoes.  Admission will be $10 for all the Chris Cakes pancakes and Steve Evans sausage you can eat.  Venue is Vinton Baptist.


My friends, this substance abuse culture is bigger than any of us.  But the God we serve is eminently able.  He is waiting for us to ask and to do our part.  Come be a part of turning the drug culture around in our community.  It can and will happen.  Our Higher Power will do it.  He has a name.  His name is Jesus.  He created us and those precious souls addicted to substances.  My daughter Amber says nobody wants to be an addict.  I know God doesn’t want them to be addicted either.  Let’s join Him in the wave of life change that will turn this thing around!

adamj, Author