FOH Flash May 2016

Don’t forget Saturday May 21 – 9 AM until noon.  This will be a celebration and fund raiser like no other for the FOH.  It will include a pancake breakfast, entertainment, basket auction, silent auction, testimonies, and laying out the vision.  There will be tours afterwards – wear your walking shoes.  Admission will be $10 for all the Chris Cakes pancakes and Steve Evans sausage you can eat.  Family maximum cost is $25.  Venue is Vinton Baptist Church.  Come and experience the life changing power of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of those who broke the chains of addiction.


Thanks to the many business, church, and other partners who are joining together to make the annual celebration and the FOH outreach a success.  Becky Evans and the Modern Woodmen will be supporting the annual celebration, and many others are donating food, baskets, and items for the silent auction.  The FOH is now a member of the Appalachian Foundation, and they will be there helping with the event.  The drug epidemic is a community problem, and only a united community under the leadership of King Jesus will defeat it.  Come lock arms with us in the battle for the soul of a community.


Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a time for everything.  Verse 7 says there is a time to rip out and a time to mend. Much of the ripping out has been done at the FOH – may the mending accelerate!  The bid meeting was held for the first Recovery House to be built near the former tennis courts.  It will house 10-15 women, depending on the number of pre-school children who come with them.  The electrical and water service is being installed, and construction of the security room in the main building has begun.  Hats off to AEP and to MPW for donating time, equipment, and material to clean out the sewage treatment plant.  Now rebuilding can begin.


FOH Board members John and Judy Jones and Kevin Dennis with his wife Sandy were blessed to be a part of the first ever “Taking our Communities Back” conference to combat the opiate epidemic sponsored by both the Ohio and West Virginia Attorney Generals.  Both AGs were there and spoke about the epidemic.  There were three panels – law enforcement and the courts, service providers including medical and behavioral, and faith based – including churches, the Refuge, and the Field of Hope.  Kevin was able to participate in the panel discussion and lay out the Field of Hope vision as well as the Counseling outreach.  It was a great experience to be able to freely discuss Gallia Strong Tower and its Biblical approach to recovery and to recount the working of the Holy Spirit in healing some who were addicted to illegal substances.  Celebrate Recovery reps were there, and we put in a plug for their material as well.


God is at work.  Amber says that nobody wants to be an addict, and I believe that.  Many of us have deep seated hurts, and some folks choose to get relief from those hurts through the escape of illegal drugs.  Some start with a medical problem and the treatment includes opiates.  Then the monster takes over, and addiction sets in.  The demon is loose.  It is claiming lives that all too often, due to the nasty nature of heroin and its deadly mixes, may end in a tragic way.  A family endures the heartache for the rest of their lives.  Come join the battle.  There is victory in Jesus.

adamj, Author