FOH Flash October 2016

Wow – so much is happening. Take a trip to the FOH. The Spirit of God is moving to make this a place of victory for many who are in the substance abuse battle for their lives.

Major steps have been taken by the FOH Board since the last flash report. Lora Jenkins is on board as the FOH Executive Director – she is a wonderful addition to the FOH family. Lora is very capable, well connected to other service organizations, and has a heart for others. Kevin Dennis is now the CEO. Linda Thompson has joined the Counseling Center team and is working with Amber Richards to make the transition when Amber is off for family leave. She will also be building her client base. Linda has a heart for others – a great addition to the staff. Randy Harrison has come on board as the buildings and grounds superintendent. He is a ball of fire and has the FOH looking great. All of our new staff have a heart for Jesus, and it shows in their work and relationships!

The Recovery House is under roof, and Shelby Richards’ crew is doing a great job. There was a massive cleanup day on October 21 when OVB employees joined Gallia Strong Tower, VBC, and other volunteers to do the first major sweep of the main building. Thank you AEP Gavin for providing sweeping compound and brooms! A phenomenal meal of barbecue chicken and brats plus all the sides and homemade ice cream for dessert was enjoyed by all! A major thanks to all who contruibuted to the building lookin’ good! Drawings are being completed so that work can start soon on the sewage treatment plant, and work is beginning this week on the security room in the main building. Both of these are needed for operation of the Recovery House.

The FOH team received a major blessing as U.S. Senator from Ohio Rob Portman visited the campus on October 25. A number of county officials attended along with FOH board members, Gallia Strong Tower folks, RSVP of southern Ohio, ADAMHS Exec Director, Sherriff Browning, and others. We heard stories of life change from five of the folks who have gotten victory over substance abuse and are now living sober, productive lives. Mr. Portman shared from his heart about visiting other facilities and his work with the successful opiate bill that is designed to help win the battle of substance abuse. Politics aside, I believe Rob Portman is the real deal and genuinely has a heart for others. Kevin signed a copy of God Can for Mr. Portman and his wife Jane, who is also very active in the opiate addiction battle. From noon until 4 PM on November 12 at Willow Wood on Second Avenue in Gallipolis will be the next public book signing. Be blessed. Stay strong. Join the Battle!

adamj, Author